Classic Car Insurance

Mountain View

A classic car is not an antique car. Though this may be a tad confusing to people who aren’t automotive aficionados, it’s important to note, especially if you’re looking for an affordable insurance policy. What’s the fundamental difference?

How often you drive it.

A classic car enjoys its fair share of road time and needs a more comprehensive coverage plan. A & G Insurance Agency, we specialize in covering antique, classic, and collectible automobiles. We offer top-dollar value assessments and customizable insurance options.

Antique Auto Insurance

The key to preserving – and occasionally driving – and antique car is making sure you have the right kind of coverage in place.  What is the difference between a classic car, an antique car, and a collectible car?

Frequency of use determines the difference.

An antique car falls somewhere between the collectible and the classic.  You typically display the antique car more often than you drive it.  But, sometimes, it’s fun to go for a spin and turn heads while you do it. This means you need a niche policy that will only cover what you need covered.

A & G Insurance Agency, we can customize our CT antique auto insurance policy to meet your specific needs. Rare parts or rare paints, we can find a way of protecting your significant investment.

Contact us – or fill out an online request form – and let’s get your classic or antique car covered.